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Welcome to The Chennai Chapter of AAHAM!

The Chennai Chapter of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management welcomes you to its presence on the web.

The Chennai Chapter was formed in 2004 to meet the networking, knowledge-sharing & certification needs of the US Healthcare outsourcing industry in India. This association primarily focuses on the Provider side of the US Healthcare Industry.


The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) is a national professional association of thirty-two chapters and over 3000 healthcare patient financial services professionals from hospitals, clinics, billing offices, allied vendors, physicians and multi physician groups. AAHAM members direct the activities of the thousands of people who are employed in the healthcare industry.

AAHAM is the preeminent professional organization for revenue cycle professionals and is known for its prestigious certification and educational programs; professional development of its members is one of the primary goals of the association. AAHAM is also recognized for its quarterly journal, The Journal of Healthcare Administrative Management and its Annual National Institute, held each fall. AAHAM actively represents the interests of its members through a comprehensive program of legislative and regulatory monitoring and participation in industry groups such as WEDI, ASC X12, NUBC and NUCC. 

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