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Technical Certification

AAHAM offers the following Technical Certification Exams in India through "The Chennai Chapter of AAHAM":

  • Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist-I (CRCS-I)
  • Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist-P (CRCS-P)
  • Certified Compliance Technician (CCT)

Recommended Work Experience for the above exams
One year in the US Healthcare domain
Difference between CRCS-I, CRCS-P & CCT

  • CRCS-I – For those who work in the Hospital side of patient accounting
  • CRCS-P – For those who work in the Clinical/Physician side of patient accounting
  • CCT– For those who are interested in a healthcare Compliance related certification

Dual Technical Examination

  • Examinee has to be a current CRCS-I or CRCS-P to take up this exam
  • Currently CRCS-I certified – Can apply for CRCS-P Dual
  • Currently CRCS-P certified – Can apply for CRCS-I Dual

Exam Content - CRCS-I/CRCS-P

  • AAHAM offers a CRCS-I/CRCS-P Study Manual for purchase through (Cost - US $99). The CRCS-I/CRCS-P Study Manual is the only study manual written by AAHAM for AAHAM exams, specifically to assist you in studying for AAHAM's certification programs.
  • AAHAM includes a CRCS-I/CRCS-P Study Outline in the exam fee. Download instructions for the Outline will be emailed approximately 6-7 weeks prior to the beginning of the exam period.

Exam Content - CCT

  • AAHAM offers a CCT Study Manual for purchase through (Cost - US $99).
  • AAHAM includes a CCT Study Outline in the exam fee. Download instructions for the Outline will be emailed approximately 6-7 weeks prior to the beginning of the exam period.

Exam Format

  • Multiple Choice Questions in an Online proctored environment
  • CRCS-I & CRCS-P – 3 Sections / 40 Questions per Section / Pass % - 70% in EACH section / 2 Hour exam
  • CCT – 1 Section / 40 Questions/ Pass % - 70% /1 Hour exam
  • Section Retake – Is allowed only if an examinee has failed in one section. If an examinee has failed in two or more sections, he/she has to re-take the entire exam.
  • CRCS – Exam coaching kit- Member - $249; Non-member - $349

Exam Cost

  • Full Exam Fee (for CRCS-I, CRCS-P & CCT) - US $100 per examinee
  • Section Retake - US $50 per examinee
  • Dual CRCS-I/CRCS-P - US $80 per examinee

Exam Date/Time

  • The Chennai Chapter offers the Professional Exams three times a year. 
  • The exam would be held usually in the last week of March, July, and November.
  • The exam would start at around 8 am EST on the exam day. Please check with the chapter officers for the exact time.

Exam Venue
The Exam is available in Chennai during all the three exam periods in a year. The Chennai Chapter may proctor exams in your facility or City based on certain criteria. Please contact for more information.
Certification Validity
The Technical certifications are valid for a period of 3 years. After 3 years you can get recertified by taking up the exam again.
National AAHAM members who are certified as CRCS-I/CRCS-P may choose to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to retain the certification. Members must be in good standing by January 31st of each calendar year and earn and report thirty hours of CEUs within the three calendar years following certification. Fifteen of the CEUs must be obtained from attendance at AAHAM related educational programs. If membership and CEUs ore not maintained, the designation will be revoked and can no longer be used.
The CCT exam must be retaken and passed every three years to maintain certification. The CCT certification is not maintainable through CEUs.
Application Process
Please download the form from & send it to the AAHAM National Office in the US (address would be on the form; the check or draft should be payable in the US). You can also enter your Visa / Amex / Mastercard information on the application form, scan and send it to or apply online at
Please note: We have noticed that has difficulties in processing Credit Cards with an Indian billing address when applying online.
Application Deadline
The forms have to reach the AAHAM National Office by:

  • April 18, 2018 for July 2018 exam
  • August 15, 2018 for November 2018 exam
  • December 19, 2018 for March 2019 exam

The Chennai Chapter’s Coaching Sessions for Technical Exams
The Chennai Chapter offers a coaching session for CRCS-I & CRCS-P exams. The session would provide an overview about the exam and how to tackle it. The normal duration of the session is from 2 hours to 4 hours. The session includes a mini-mock assessment. We can also look at doing this session over the telephone or via video conferencing. However, we recommend a face to face session for the best impact. Coaching sessions may be charged based on the number of participants/ media of delivery. Please contact to work out the specifics.

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