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Professional Certification

AAHAM offers the following Professional Certification Exams in India through "The Chennai Chapter of AAHAM":

  • Certified Revenue Cycle Professional – I (CRCP-I)
  • Certified Revenue Cycle Professional – P (CRCP-P)


  • National AAHAM Member in good standing The fee to become a National AAHAM member is $209. If you join between July 1st and August 31st, the dues are $160 for the rest of the current year. If you join between September 1st and December 31st, the fee is $250 for the rest of the current year and all of the following year.
  • At least ‘Two years’ healthcare experience

Difference between CRCP-I & CRCP-P

  • CRCP-I – This is a mid-level certification designed for Supervisors and Managers that focuses on the revenue cycle in a hospital / institutional health system
  • CRCP-P – This is a mid-level certification designed for Supervisors and Managers that focuses on the revenue cycle in a professional setting (physician, clinic)

Dual Technical Examination

  • Examinee has to be a current CRCP-I or CRCP-P to take up this exam
  • Currently CRCP-I certified – Can apply for CRCP-P Dual
  • Currently CRCP-P certified – Can apply for CRCP-I Dual

Exam Content

  • A new study guide that provides an overview of the exam content is available from May 2010. The cost of the guide would be US $199 for National members & US $299 for non-members
  • Exam coaching kit: Members - $249; Non-members - $349


  • CRIP – Study manual – Members - $199 ; Non-members - $299
  • Exam Coaching Kit – Members - $249; Non-members - $349

Exam Format

  • Online proctored environment
  • Four Sections (Dual Exam – 3 sections)
  • 4 Hour exam – 1 Hours per section
  • Has Objective type of questions and True or False questions.
  • Pass % - 70% in EACH section

Exam Cost

  • CRCP-I & CRCP-P - US $199 per examinee for full exam
  • Section Retake - US $50 per examinee
  • Dual CRCP-I/CRCP-P - US $160 per examinee

Exam Date/Time

  • The Chennai Chapter offers the Professional Exams three times a year. 
  • The exam would be held usually in the last week of March, July, and November.
  • The exam would start at around 8 am EST on the exam day. Please check with the chapter officers for the exact time. 

Exam Venue

  • The Exam is available in Chennai during all the exam dates/periods in a year. The Chennai Chapter may proctor exams in your facility or City based on certain criteria. Please contact for more information.

Certification Validity

  • Professional exams require that members follow certain requirements to earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Please check for more information.

Application Process

Application Deadline
The forms have to reach the AAHAM National Office by:

  • April 18, 2018 for July 2018 exam
  • August 15, 2018 for Nov 2018 exam
  • December 19, 2018 for March 2019 exam

The Chennai Chapter’s Coaching Sessions for Professional Exams
The Chennai Chapter offers a coaching session for CRCP-I & CRCP-P exams. The session would provide an overview about the exam and how to tackle it. The normal duration of the session is from 2 hours to 4 hours. The session includes a mini-mock assessment. We can also look at doing this session over the telephone or via video conferencing. However, we recommend a face to face session for the best impact. Coaching sessions may be charged based on the number of participants/ media of delivery. Please contact to work out the specifics.

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